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Only 5 steps

Your album will give you a lifetime of joy as you look back on your wedding day or your family event, and you’ll be able to share it with every member of your family now and in the future.​​

Creating wedding albums online is simple, easy and the right choice for protecting the memory of your special day. We provide cost-effective solutions for all your wedding albums in Ireland so you can get started creating your wedding album online today.

Step 1

Choose your most favourite photographs that you would like to be in your album. Follow the table below to see how many photos we recommend to go in each album.

Step 2

Choose a wedding album with your favourite cover and amount of pages from our products. Then go to the checkout to pay for it.

Step 3

​​After the payment you will receive an email with your receipt and instructions on how to upload your photos.

Step 4

​​We will design your album with care and then you will receive an online proof where you can make changes and approve it before we send it for printing

Step 5

In 4 weeks time you will receive your Wedding album and you can go back to the memories and feelings of That day.


This table is only our recommended guidelines on how many photos should go into the album to look professionally designed, not overloaded and beautiful. We would recommend 1-4 images per page, so let’s say for a 40 page album would need 4×40=120 images.

Please get in touch if you would like more or less photos per page and we will help you to create the album that you love.

Number of pagesRecommended
Minimum number
of photos
Maximum number
of photos

Your questions answered

See the table of recommended guidelines above. We would recommend 2 to 4 photos per page. On some pages it could be more but not too many.

After we receive the payment we will email you with all the information on how to send photos.

Only high resolution Jpeg images.

We will email you a link to the album design where you can review, proof and ask for any changes if necessary.

You have 2 album design revisions including in the price. Any extra revisions after this will cost 50 euro.

Once the album design starts any additional photos will cost 6 euro per each added photo.

This is our most popular product. They are available at our shop. You can look at our Wedding Album Bundles.

Wedding album is more luxurious, it has a layflat binding, thick pages and more options for the cover. Also it can have from 20 to 80 pages.

Coffee table book is a low cost album, a non lay-flat with thin, flexible pages. It’s more like a magazine style. Available between 20 to 140 pages.

We don’t edit your photos. We can only use them as they are.

Yes. We require a full payment.

Once we receive all your photos, your album design will be ready in 5 days.

Yes you can. You have 2 days to cancel your order after you receive an email saying that we have your photos.

You will receive your album in 4 weeks time.

All our payments are through Stripe. We accept all Credit and Debit cards.

Shipping is free within Ireland.

We do not send to multiple addresses.

Yes. Once we ship your order you will receive a tracking number.

We are more than happy to replace your order. You will have 3 days to email us photos of the damage product and we will take care of it.

Our albums are custom handmade albums so we don’t accept returns.

If you can’t find your answer we are more than happy to help you. Please email us at:

Let us help you to save your memories

​​Only one thing left to remember from your wedding day or family lifetime event - ALBUM. So please, let us help you to create your heirloom. When you will look at it in the years to come you will go back to these memories, moments and feelings.