Created by Tomas Janonis, photographer at Touch Photography, wedding albums Ireland aims to provide you with a captivating experience that brings back all the memories of an amazing day.​​

Tomas has been in the industry since 2010 and fully understands what is required for both taking excellent photographs along with how to present them in the most effective and attractive manner.​

​​It isn’t just a matter of presenting the best images in chronological order, album design is a skill that takes into account the feelings and mood of the day. While the goal is to document the day, this can only be accomplished by capturing the spirit of the event.

At Wedding Albums Ireland, we are passionate about creating high-quality albums and photo books that are professionally put together at an affordable price for you and your family. You’ll keep the memory of your special day alive and vibrant for generations to come, and our albums make fantastic gifts.

Previously, wedding albums have been produced by professional photographers without the general public having the option of obtaining one directly. This has led to spiralling costs that have made wedding albums expensive, and often unaffordable. With Wedding Albums Ireland this all changes.​​

As your wedding album is a memento of your day, there are many options available for you to customize the results. However, with a keen eye for design and a strong understanding of the technicalities of album design, Tomas is happy to lend his experience to the process.​​

His skill and knowledge will ensure that your wedding album is just as special as your day was, and it is a simple and stress-free way to put together an album of memories that you will return to and enjoy for the many years that are ahead. Your album will keep the day alive, fresh in your memory, sparking feelings of nostalgia and discussions of how much you enjoyed the event. It’s a great way to celebrate a wedding long after the party is over.​​

Let us help you to save your memories

​​Only one thing left to remember from your wedding day or family lifetime event - ALBUM. So please, let us help you to create your heirloom. When you will look at it in the years to come you will go back to these memories, moments and feelings.